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Corker Now Expects Chattanooga Will Get Volkswagen Senator Bob Corker said Saturday he expects, now that Chattanooga Volkswagen employees chose not to join the United Auto Workers union, that the local plant will get a second line. He said at a press conference at the EPB Building, "Hopefully, an announcement will be made." Senator Corker said he has spoken with top VW officials since the close vote was announced on Friday night. He said more talks are set by phone later this week. On his reaction to the historic vote outcome, he said, "I couldn't even sleep I was so excited for the employees and for this community." He said it was ironic that he was referred to as an "outsider" in giving his views on the vote, noting that as mayor he helped bring Volkswagen to Chattanooga. If he had not spoken out,out, cheap Flyers jerseys from china he said, "I would have had tremendous remorse." Senator Corker said the outcome was remarkable since he said the UAW had been working to unionize the plant for two years and had direct access to the employees. He praised some employees "who made sure that the other side of the issue got out" and he said staff member Todd Womack of Chattanooga "did an incredible job" in helping with the issue. He said he does not believe there is "a new UAW." He said, "There is so much difference in the culture at Spring Hill and the culture at Volkswagen." He said the UAW is "in a death spiral" and at Chattanooga it "saw 1,5 dues payers." He added,added, cheap Flyers jerseys "To them this is about money. To us it's about this community." Senator Corker said he does not oppose a "works council" at the local plant and believesbelieves cheap Flyers jerseys free shipping that may still come about. He said if the UAW had gotten in, "all those options would have gone away." Saying it was "a great ending," he said he expects employees at the plant "graciously will reach out to one another." Tennessee Temple Submits Plans For Move To Woodland Park Baptist Church Campus; Senior Housing Also Set On 163 Acre Site Tennessee Temple University has submitted detailed plans for its move from its longtime Highland Park campus to a 163 acre site on Standifer Gap Road. Senior housing is also planned for the property owned currently by Woodland Park Baptist Church. at the County Courthouse. The Regional . (click for more) County Clerk Knowles Remits $1,790,740 In Excess Fees To County General Government County Clerk Bill Knowles said today he will remit $1,790,740 in excess fees this fiscal year to county general government. This total includes $575,511 that will be turned over this week to Finance Director Al Kiser. Mr. Knowles said, "I am pleased to be able to remit $575,511 in additional excess fees to county general government since our report last September. This . (click(click wholesale Flyers jerseys for more) Mayors Announce Spring Review Board For Mozilla GigabitGigabit wholesale Flyers cheap jerseys Communities Fund Daniel Adams Was Man Found Dead In Apartment Last Week Red Bank City Council Agenda For April 15 Collegedale Set To Have Largest 4th Of July Celebration The City Has Had Formulating Successful Students: Listen To Your Children It is undeniable that we would like our children to be "Straight A" students. A popular belief is that full concentration on schoolwork along with disciplined study habits is the winning combination for academic achievement. Parents often lecture their children to study harder and they will acquire the key that opens the proverbial door of success. Barking such . (click for more) Roy Exum: An Idea For Erlanger Cash strapped public hospitals, such as Chattanooga's Erlanger Hospital, are saddled with providing many millions of dollars in uncompensated health care for prisoners in city and county jails. Last year Erlanger and remember it is the taxpayers who own the hospital spent over $5 million on prisoners in our region and didn't get a dime in return. Let's not complain that is . (click for more)


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